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In lean manufacturing lingo, "Gemba"​ is the shop floor, the place where the work happens, and the place where value is created (sometimes also referred to as the "place of truth"​!). Gemba Systems'​ mission is to empower people on the shop floor with smarter technologies that support and enable better processes, resulting in higher productivity, better quality, and improved morale. 

Our Offering

Gemba Systems supports manufacturing companies in the digitalization of their operations, especially focused on improving their manufacturing execution systems (MES). We help companies navigate the complex and fast-evolving landscape of “smart manufacturing” and the Industrial Internet of Things. We offer guidance, tools, and hands-on support in the selection and implementation of those industry 4.0 technologies that will best support our clients'​ most critical business processes, and the people who perform them. 

Aligning People, Process, and Technology

In order to create more value, companies need to reduce waste, reduce variation, and improve their responsiveness and agility. To achieve this, they need well-trained people, performing well-defined and controlled processes, assisted by capable, fit-for-use, and reliable technology. We help companies achiever better performance by putting in place more effective production systems consisting of well-aligned people, processes, and technology.



Gemba Systems' specialists will guide you ste your operational excellence journey with the following services: 

- Needs assessment and prioritization 

- Digital strategy development & execution 

- Cost / benefit analysis, ROI assessment, and project justification

- Functional specifications development - System implementation and Integration (including project planning and execution support) 

- User training and support 



Gemba Systems will help you to achieve your operational excellence goals by implementing effective and efficient processes that deliver the best total return, and realize the full value of your solutions, from planning and assessment through testing, deployment, operation, and nearly continuous improvement. 



Gemba Systems Inc. offers guidance, tools, and hands-on support in the selection and implementation of pindustry 4.0 technologies provrn or promising technologies such as augmented reality (for digital work instructions and inspections, remote technical assistance or warehousing operations),  indoor asset location tracking, productivity (OEE) reporting, and advanced planning and scheduling.   

Our Latest Blog Posts


Augmented Reality with Smart Glasses


Smart Glasses on the Shop Floor - Survey Analysis

During the 2018 South Carolina Manufacturing Conference and Expo, Gemba Systems invited visitors to take part in a survey about smart glasses on the shop floor.    

The following white paper reviews in details the results that we have collected.

Survey Analysis

OEE Improvement Return on Investment

Introducing smart glasses as a key component in modern manufacturing environments help manufacturing to streamline production, reduce risk, improve quality and help to control costs. Equipped with effective smart glasses, your connected workforce makes fewer mistakes and completes tasks sooner, which means happier workers, better products, and improvements to your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

OEE Improvement ROI Calculation

Discover how AGCO CORP and Glasses are changing manufacturing

Discover how AGCO Corporation won the IndustryWeek Best Plants Award,  check-out a cool little video on how they're using it, and download a white paper for more details. 



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