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Return on Investment Assessment of OEE Improvements with Smart Glasses


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Knowing what 1% of OEE improvement is worth makes it easier to estimate  the financial profitability of your project and understand how you will be able to achieve it .

Download our white paper,  Smart Glasses on the Shop Floor: ROI Assessment based on OEE Improvement ,  and discover, with a simple example, how smart glasses can improve availability, quality, and performance – leading to significantly higher productivity, and resulting capacity gains.

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Download our white paper

Using the productivity gains achieved to reduce labor cost is a logical next step that will typically provide ample return on investment for the smart glasses implementation. But, turning part or all of the extra capacity gained into additional sales volume can work as a true lever to boost operating profits and ROI to much higher levels still. 

Download our generic white paper and understand the possible ROI that smart glasses could provide to your company.

Smart Glasses on the Shop Floor: ROI Assessment based on OEE Improvement (pdf)