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Avenger Aerospace Solutions Perfects its Endgame

Avenger Fleet VU (AFV) Services


Avenger Aerospace Solutions has announced the release of “Avenger Fleet VU (AFV)”, a remote engineering and certification assistance service using Remote eye®  Technical Assistance and Vuzix M300XL smart glasses. This solution, provided by Gemba Systems Inc., will allow mechanics on the hangar floor to access engineering and certification resources at Avenger’s Greenville SC facility without the need for expensive travel.  It’s just like having on-site engineering and certification support, but at a fraction of the cost.

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Avenger Aerospace Solutions and Gemba Systems Inc. featured in the South Carolina Manufacturing Newsletter. 

Glass on the shop floor at AGCO Corporation

Complex assembly, done faster with Proceedix on Glass

AGCO Corporation  (  found the solution for the technology gap on the manufacturing floor to support the rapid decision-making, transaction processing and overall information needs by its production environment demands. 

Operators at AGCO are using Proceedix on the Glass Enterprise Edition. By reducing the amount of back and forth workers have to do accessing checklists, viewing work instruction manuals or sending photos from tablets or laptops as they assemble machines, 

As Peggy Gulick, Director of Business Process Improvement, explains, “Employees are now working smarter, faster and safer because they have the information they need right in their line of sight.”

Proceedix on Glass  gives AGCO a number of new leading-edge capabilities on the production floor, including real-time training, quality gate issue trending, and pushing visual management to all users through beacons, trends and thresholds.


Discover how AGCO and Glasses are changing manufacturing

AGCO is increasing the efficiency, quality and safety of its manufacturing programs by pioneering the use of assisted reality, a form of augmented reality, using wearable devices like Glass and smart watches. 

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AGCO wins Awards


IndustryWeek Best Plants and AME Excellence Awards

Using Proceedix, AGCO won the AME Excellence Award, and most recently also the IndustryWeek Best Plants Award, thanks to their achievements using the technology.

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Don’t call Heather a Glasshole.

Yes, that’s Google Glass on her frames. But she’s not using it to check her Facebook, dictate messages, or capture a no-hand video while riding a roller coaster. Heather is a 30-year-old factory worker in rural Jackson, Minnesota. For her, Glass is not a hip way to hang apps in front of her eyeballs, but a tool—as much a tool as her power wrenches. 

It walks her through her shifts at Station 50 on the factory floor, where she builds motors for tractors.


Proceedix @ AGCO (PDF)