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Survey Analysis : Smart Glasses on the Shop Floor


Survey Analysis

During the 2018 South Carolina Manufacturing Conference and Expo, Gemba Systems invited visitors to take part in a survey about smart glasses on the shop floor.  We asked four simple questions:

· What is the status of the following technologies in your company? 

· In your opinion, how important are the following obstacles for deploying smart glasses? 

· In your opinion, to what extent are smart glasses a good fit for the below use cases? 

· In your opinion, to what extent could smart glasses be helpful to achieve the below benefits? 

The full results can be found in the following white paper.  You might find that some of the results were expected, but others are rather surprising and maybe even a bit intriguing! 

Please don’t hesitate to provide us with any further feedback and comments you may have. 


 The following white paper review in detail the results of a survey that we have collected for uses cases and benefits for smart glasses in lean manufacturing.

Smart Glasses on the Shop Floor Survey Analysis v2.0 (pdf)